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Spitfire Glory: Leif Lundsten Episode III - Test Pilot

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Speakers + subwoofer recommended! 6th June 1943, a different life for Captain Leif Lundsten begins. After 21 months of active service flying Spitfires in 331, it was time for a long awaited leave. There was however little time for rest; join him in the dangers of test flying, the thrill of acrobatics and the unique experience to fly one of the first Griffon-powered Mk XIV’s.

Read about Leif Lundsten in this War Thunder article: http://warthunder.com/en/news/4296-spitfire-glory-the-wartime-flying-life-of-leif-lundsten-ep-iii-test-pilot-en/

Music by Tom Evans: http://explore.pacificamusic.com/#!artist?id=311374&c=1775
Episode III - Test Pilot
Leif would change his duties from rodeo fighter sweeps, circus bomber escorts and rhubarb low-level raids over France, to the testing of brand new Spitfires and its prototypes. It would be a whole different way of life than a frontline squadron, but not without dangers.

Instead of FW-190s out of the sun or FLAK when strafing ground targets, mechanical failures and even poor weather could be just as fatal during production tests. No Spitfire is perfect and it was his duty to make sure they were, but an accident was bound to happen sooner or later. It turned out to be sooner.
Episode III of Spitfire Glory
Watch all episodes: https://goo.gl/E6KboQ
More episodes coming soon!
The book SPITFIRE GLORY on Amazon:

Author, Tor Idar Larsen:

Leif Lundsten FaceBook page:

Author's Spitfire page:

Norwegian Spitfire Foundation:
Made in War Thunder by Gaijin Entertainment:

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Autor: Knut Åshammer